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The impact of nanotechnology on architecture remains to be seen. However, in Transcendental we try to anticipate what those consequences might be.

  1. What will nanoconstruction be like? Can we build a house atom by atom? How long would it take?

  2. Will future houses be alive through nanorobots that take care of daily maintenance?

  3. How high will the buildings built atom by atom by nano-masons?

  4. How many nanorobots would we need to build an average house atom by atom in a year?

  5. At what speed would the nano-masons who built a house atom by atom in a year move?

  6. How much will the cost of a house nanoconstruida atom to atom be reduced by nanorobots?

  7. What nanomaterials will replace cement and steel?

  8. Can floating cities be created by nanotechnology?
  9. And cities in space?

  10. Will the sewer system be necessary if users have nano-paper and nano-cleaner?

And...What do you think?

Transcendental characters respond to these and other questions, but the interesting thing is to collect the speculations of the readers. Choose the question/s you want and leave your answer/s.

Do not forget that the first three chapters of the novel are available for free, download them through this link. Answer the questions by leaving a comment on the following form.


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